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KS4 Options

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In Year 9, pupils are given the opportunity to think about their future education and careers. For the first time they are empowered to have a major say in the type of education they receive and the subjects they wish to study at a higher level. For many pupils this decision making process is the biggest influence they will have had on shaping their future life. For this reason the school provides as much help and support for the pupils as is required. This page is designed to ensure that pupils, parents, carers and anyone else involved in option decisions make the right choice.


The school has produced a booklet entitled ‘Year 9 Options Booklet’ which can be downloaded from the Attachments section (below). This is a great resource to help pupils, parents and carers understand how the option process works. An updated version of the booklet will be published if changes have to be made to subject details or the option system.


In January 2011 it was announced that a new benchmark called the English Baccalaureate would be introduced for KS4 pupils. The English Baccalaureate is completed by achieving a Grade C or above in English, Maths, Science, French and either Geography and/or History . Please refer to the option booklet for more information or click here to view information from the Department for Education. Some pupils will be automatically entered into these subjects and the process for this will be made clear on their option forms. Pupils not automatically entered for the English Baccalaureate would be encouraged to think about opting for these subjects if they so wish.


Below are some useful links and Websites for Options and Future Pathways – Remember to plan your option choices so that you can chose a suitable pathway when you leave school at 16.



NOTE: Please be aware that some of the information the school has on options may change. This may include changes in subject details. Pupils will be quickly informed if any changes are required.


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