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Extra Curricular and Wider Opportunities

We are committed to providing a wide variety of extra curricular and wider opportunities for our pupils.

We have a broad and exciting enrichment programme where pupils will have the opportunity to experience an extensive range of enrichment activities.  These mainly fall into 3 categories; sport, music and the wider world (faith, community, careers and leadership).

Our mission is that we believe we can work together to provide the very best Catholic education, helping to fully form each other to become the person God is calling us to be

We will strive to do this by creating many opportunities for everyone to become fully alive through developing our God-given gifts and talents both inside and outside of the classroom.

Through doing this we believe we will all have the chance to continue to grow in a fuller understanding of God, ourselves and His love for us all both now and for eternity.

Autumn Term Enrichment Programme 2021

The vast majority of Year 11 will be involved in the lunch time or afterschool revision provision however there are many opportunities pupils can choose to take part in, specific to Year 11.