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Our Mission

Together we share our following school mission which we strive to put into practice each and every day.


Our mission is to continue the work of Catholic education in this country for the children of Stockton, especially those from the poorest backgrounds.

Our mission is to provide not only an academic education but a holistic education, inviting everyone to live a life of faith.

'Education' is far more than asking children to perform on an exam at the end of their time with us.  It is more than Maths, Science or History.  It is formation; forming a child to become the person God created them to be.

This formation cannot be taught like other subjects, you cannot test it with any traditional means, but it is the measure of a truly 'outstanding' school.  A school that puts at its forefront the well-being of the child, to enable them to grow and cope with life's challenges.

Today we carry on the dedicated work of the Sisters of St Paul and the De La Salle Brothers.  We work in partnership with our parishes, Stockton Local Authority, Bishop Hogarth Catholic Education Trust, and the Diocese, for the good of the families and children in the community we serve.

With the history of our school at the forefront of our minds, we will embrace our motto daily:

"To Know God is to know oneself."

We will invite everyone through the Catholic tradition into a life of faith, and we will aim to be the best in all we do.