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Vision and Ethos

Parents choosing to send their child to Our Lady and St Bede are opting specifically for education within the setting of a Catholic school.


We are part of the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle and, as such, we belong to the strong family of Catholic primary and secondary schools throughout the North East including those schools that are part of Bishop Hogarth Education Trust.


This is a very supportive network of schools with whom we share the same ethos.


The Trust has adopted the following vision and values to guide us in our mission and to underpin all that we do:


Our schools will be places of excellence – providing service and witness to children, their families and the wider Catholic community, adding value as a family of schools and enriching the learning and experience of all our young people so they may achieve their full potential.


The following values underpin everything the Trust and our Schools will do:


BEING Just and Responsible
We seek to act justly, fairly and responsibly in all our relationships to ensure ‘The Common Good’ is upheld.


PROMOTING Spiritual and Human Development
We believe a knowledge of and a personal relationship with Christ gives meaning and purpose to our lives.


ACHIEVING Quality in Teaching and Learning
We believe everyone should gain dignity and self-worth through quality teaching and learning which allow all in our school community to excel.


SHOWING Respect for Every Person
We believe that all are created in the image of God and therefore we will respect the unique and intrinsic value of every person, promoting equality and celebrating diversity.


CREATING Community
We believe our schools to be faith communities where Gospel values of truth, honesty, forgiveness and reconciliation are lived and where there is special care for those most in need.


We value the views and opinions of the communities whom we serve and will actively engage and respond.


We are proud of our Catholic tradition and take very seriously our responsibility to nurture the Faith in our young people and to support them on their spiritual journey through life. We have the huge responsibility of helping to prepare our pupils for this life and their life to come.


Every day, pupils have the opportunity to join with their form tutor and fellow pupils in morning prayer, either in the form class, chapel or in assembly. This may be led by tutors, but often it is the pupils themselves who lead prayers or who ask for prayers for particular people or causes. It is a wonderful part of school life and greatly appreciated by many pupils and staff. There are also regular opportunities for collective worship throughout the year, in the form of weekly voluntary masses on Friday mornings and special liturgies. We have many whole school gatherings at different times of the year, including a Remembrance Day service, Christmas service and Lenten liturgy.


There are also increasing opportunities for reflection away from school. Each year group goes on an annual retreat and pupils are also invited to attend the diocesan schools’ summer festival, which is always a very popular event with our pupils. In addition to this, there is an annual whole school mass held in July. This is a fantastic event including all our pupils, celebrating our year together.


We are enriched by children and staff of other faiths and we are proud of our inclusive approach to spiritual development. We actively seek opportunities in RE, form time and as part of the wider school life to explore how the varying faith traditions complement each other and strengthen us in our everyday lives. The school is proud of the work it does in what we call ‘faith in action’, through our support for many good causes throughout the year.


We are always impressed by the generosity of our pupils in their charitable giving, and by the care and concern which they show towards those less fortunate than themselves, both at home and abroad. In recent years, we have collected hampers for the region’s homeless and raised money for major world disasters. Pupils really do try to live out the message of the gospel.


Whatever your child’s faith background, you can be assured that at Our Lady and St Bede your child will have the opportunity to explore and develop their spiritual life in a secure and supportive environment, where tolerance, mutual respect and learning from each other are some of our guiding principles.