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Expand Your Learning

“If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.”—Zig Ziglar

Expand your Learning is a series of half termly voluntary homework, that helps students to become independent learners without the need to always have direct supervision.

The homework themes and topics have been carefully chosen to encourage a love of learning and play a big part in personalising learning.

Completion of the Expand your Learning work extends and develops the work done in school and encourages research and experimentation. It can make use of resources not normally available in the classroom.

Students can choose how many they would like to complete and can prioritise those that capture their interest and talents.

Submission of the work is to the students’ class teachers, and they can be handed in at any time up to and including the last day of the half term.

Every piece of work submitted will earn students 50 house points.

We are so excited to see what you produce and celebrate your success with you.

Half Term 2

Homework at Our Lady and St. Bede

The rationale for the homework policy at Our Lady & St. Bede is to enable our students to extend and expand their education beyond the confines of the classroom. This helps our pupils develop as professional learners, in particular, their independent learning skills.

Homework is any relevant task or activity selected by the teacher, to be completed outside curriculum contact time. While it will usually be done at home, it may also take the form of supported study/homework clubs.

What should you expect?

All homework will be set on Class Charts and the deadline will be communicated clearly.

The expand your learning homework* (voluntary) will be made available at the start of each half term and can be submitted up to the final date of the half term.

At Key Stage 3 – All* subjects will set homework once per fortnight (20 – 30 mins).

At KS4 – All* subjects will set homework once a week (30-45 mins).

*Subjects such as PE, Music, Drama and Computer studies will set homework less frequently, due to the smaller number of lessons on the timetable.